I’m embarrassed by MTG, and I don’t even live in her district

Listening to the latest proof that Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit for office, I’m also hearing half of Congress being upset, and all sorts of pundits opining on her. But the one thing I’m not hearing—the thing I want to hear—is the reaction of the people in Georgia’s 14th Congressional district. Those 732,000 people are the ones who gave her this seat in Congress (229,000 of them actually voted for her). Does she speak for them? Is she representing their views when she says these ignorant, inflammatory things? Should I be fearful if I have to travel to that district in northwest Georgia?

We can be outraged all we want, we can call on the other members of the House of Representatives to “do something.” But if she really is representing the views of her constituents, we don’t need to silence her: we need to send educators to that district. We need to teach away the ignorance and stupidity, because she’s just a symptom.

And if her words do not represent the opinions of her constituents, well, what the heck are they doing? If it was my Representative spouting such nonsense, I’d be sitting in her office, demanding that she justify her very existence, and making sure the world knew she didn’t speak for me.