The books are waiting for me

Just got confirmation that several boxes of The Presidential Book of Lists and Ranking the First Ladies have arrived at a friend’s house in San Diego. I had them shipped out so that I’ll have them when I speak on Sunday, July 3, at the American Mensa Annual Gathering. The books are there, now I have to get there. I generally love traveling, but am somewhat trepidatious about using airports. At the moment, my eagerness to go to the AG overshadows my distaste of the airports, so I hope to see some of you there!

My talk, scheduled for 12 noon on Sunday, July 3, is titled “Hail to the Chiefs! (And Their Vice Presidents, and First Ladies….)”. I’ll be selling/signing books directly after (though if you catch me earlier in the convention, I may be able to sell you an “advance” copy).