Errata for The Presidential Book of Lists

Errata (not updates) for The Presidential Book of Lists: From Most to Least, Elected to Rejected, Worst to Cursed—Fascinating Facts About Our Chief Executives by Ian Randal Strock (Random House/Villard, ISBN: 978-0-345-50736-5)

Introduction, page xv: Mentions chapter 110, but in fact there are only 104 chapters.

Chapter 1, “The Five Longest-Lived Presidents”, page 4. George W. Bush will be 88 years, 232 days old on February 23, 2034, not 2039, as listed.

Chapter 18, “Presidents Who Had No Living Predecessors”, page 25. Incorrectly lists Richard Nixon’s date of resignation as August 9, 1973. It was actually 1974.

Chapter 43, “Presidential Relatives Who Served in the Federal Government”, page 70. Julia Gardiner’s father David Gardiner was a member of New York’s State Senate, not the US Senate.

Chapter 54, “Most Popular Pre-Presidential Jobs”, page 105: Four Presidents were career military officers: William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses Grant, and Dwight Eisenhower.

Chapter 102, “The Most Uncommon Presidents”, page 241: In the title, the word “Uncommon” should be “Common”. This is actually the list of “The Most Common Presidents (Those Appearing in the Fewest Lists in this Book)”.

Chapter 103, “The Most Common Presidents”, page 242: In the title, the word “Common” should be “Uncommon”. This is actually the list of “The Most Uncommon Presidents (Those Appearing in the Most Lists in this Book)”.

About the Author, page 255: Photo credit: Kit Hawkins.