Ian Randal Strock

Speaking trip to Massachusetts

This past weekend was Boston Mensa’s regional gathering, known as Wicked Good. As always, a good time with people I know and people I met. This time, I was also an invited speaker on the program. I presented “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Calling Them Exceptional is Understatement” to a very full room (every seat was full, and there were people sitting on the floor). Considering that there were several other program items at the same time, and I was contending with the water park in the hotel which hosted the gathering, getting one-quarter of the attendees to come listen to me was a very gratifying turnout. (And as a reminder: I’m available to speak to your group, too.)

Sunday evening, after leaving the hotel, I visited a friend in Brookline who showed me my latest book, Ranking the Vice Presidents, which he’d borrowed from the library (photo attached). My own library here in Brooklyn has it available only as an ebook, so it was a neat surprise to see my physical book in library livery!